Examples of Arunset-Design Websites

Below websites developed using Responsive template "Click image to load"

Users viewing on either a portrait tablet or smaller desktop monitor will have slightly larger font sizes and the layout switches to fluid rather than fixed width. Sidebars are still visible down to a width of 640 pixels on the viewing browser.

Users who visit on a tabloid oriented tablet with a width exceeding 960 pixels will see the normal site with no modifications.

For small handheld devices such as most smart phones, the sidebars are not visible and the content spans the full width of the mobile browser. The header navigation is replaced by a selectable drop-down menu place directly below the logo.

Oakdene website
Gundog Breeds Association of ScotlandGBSA website
Head to Tail

Head to Tail website

Banff, Moray & Nairn Canine Clubbmncc website
Midland English Setter Societymess website

rodz n dogs website


Below websites developed before responsive template, best viewed on PC or Tablet

ThendaraThendara website
Northern English Setter Societyness website
Arunsetarunset website