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Arunset-Design has evolved as a webdesign company specialising in Small Business / ECommerce  & Dog Breed Associated websites.

Being a small business ourselves we understand how to build a website that will give your company a web presence and help grow your business.

From a two page design providing a local presence ideal for Electrician, Builder, Plumber to an ecommerce website with online transaction processing & product catalogue.

Our websites benefit from offering responsive design across all user platforms pc, smart phone & tablet.

Arunset-Design Latest Design Portfolio

Click image to visit website both on Pc & Smart Phone/Tablet to view responsive optimised design.

Arunset-Design Services

How can we help you?

Web Design​

Arunset-Design websites are designed using WordPress / Elementor this allows customers to edit their own Blog/News section adding text & photos with in built editor. Whilst developing your website design we give you private access. This helps in finalising the design to your satisfaction & view how pages will be displayed etc.

Mobile Web Design

With over 60% of websites now accessed by smartphones responsive website design is now a vital part of any project. Dependant on your website requirements if you expect a high volume of mobile access we can prioritise the design in favour of mobile devices and then progress to desktop alternative.


Needing help with how to launch your business on the web? We will design your online shop using Woocommerce, benefit from our own experience of running an online shop including integration with Facebook, Google etc & SEO links plus professional product photography if needed. Responsive design optimised for mobile users.

Social Media​​

Let us help you increase your business online by utilising Social Media. Facebook, Twitter Google & Instagram can be used to promote your business/website online & engage a larger audience, as well as strengthening your SEO and customer communication. We welcome the chance to spend time with you going into detail as to how we can help.


Search Engine Optimisation SEO is massively important when attracting viewers to your website. As mentioned in the Web Design section above our website are based on WordPress & we use Rank Math / Yoast to help optimes the structure of your website making it search-engine friendly and acheiving top search engine scores.

Digital Photography

It is important that quality images are used on your website to leave site visitors with a captive vision of your products and services. We can provide a professional photographic service if required, our photographer benefits from years of event photography and owning an online e-Commerce business realises the impotance of quality product photography.

Arunset-Design Our Team

Kevin Venables

Working in the IT Industry together with interest in Irish Setter Dogs lead to my first website design for one of the Irish Setter Breed Clubs in the year 2000. This progressed to designs for other Breed Clubs & Show Dog Owners examples that can be found on this site.

Jonathan Crossley

Jon has an extensive knowledge of retail. He has also been a professional photographer for a number of years. His speciality areas are SEO, Social Media, Google Analtics/Search Console/My Business plus Affiliate marketing.

Our Standard Packages

Entry Site

Small Business - Kennel
£ 150
  • First Year Domain / .uk registration
  • Website 2 Page ( 4 sections )
  • First year Hosting
  • 5 Images - Lightbox
  • Social Media Links
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Weekly Backup
  • Sitemap Google Console/Tracking
  • SEO Search Engine Optimisation
  • SSL Certificate HTTPS:/
  • 5 EMail Addresses Mail Forwarding
  • 404 Redirection
  • EMail / Messenger Support

Pro Site

Small Business - Breed Club - Kennel
£ 450
  • First Year Domain .com/ / registration
  • Website 8 Page ( Upto 4 sections p/page )
  • First year Hosting
  • Image Gallery / Slide Show - Lightbox
  • Social Media Links
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Daily Backup
  • Sitemap Google Console/Tracking
  • SEO Search Engine Optimisation
  • SSL Certificate HTTPS:/
  • 10 EMail Addresses Mail Forwarding
  • 404 Redirection
  • Phone/EMail / Messenger Support
  • Mailchimp Contact Database ( +£100 )

Prem/Commercial Site

Small Business - Breed Club - ( Online Shop )
£ 650
  • First Year Domain .com/ / registration
  • Website 10 Page ( Upto 4 sections p/page )
  • First year Hosting
  • Image Gallery / Slide Show - Lightbox
  • Social Media Links
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Daily Backup
  • Sitemap Google Console/Tracking
  • SEO Search Engine Optimisation
  • SSL Certificate HTTPS:/
  • 10 EMail Addresses Mail Forwarding
  • 404 Redirection
  • Phone/EMail / Messenger Support
  • Mailchimp Contact Database
  • Woocommerce Online Shop


You May Be Wondering ?

Click on “Book a Private Consultation” button above and we will get in touch.

This depends on size of project, two page website within a week and a major site we would normally expect to have the your website ready to be rolled out within one-month, subject to all content being available & design agreed.

Good content is the most influential factor in search engine rankings. Keyword phrase for each page on your website are also important.

Unless detailed in the contract website design is actually the copyright of the designer. However  Arunset-Design transfer ownership of the Website HTML/CSS/JavaScript code to customers upon payment of the initial invoice. 

Recomend that you stick to Socila Media Sites you use on a regular basis as important to keep content updated to prove relavant to your business.

Google Analytics is user-oriented, providing data related to those who visit and interact with your website. Google Search Console, on the other hand, is search-engine focused, providing tools and insights that can help site owners improve visibility and presence in the SERPs ( Search engine results pages )

We can use your existing websites data and photos provided you own the copyright for text and permission to use photos. 

We provide a full service starting with website domain name registration and hosting. We provide website design and company logo design if needed. Training for Blog/News section etc is available, however we offer  a minor website modifications service based on a quarterly charge. Our websites as a part of hosting are backed up on a daily basis. Your website domain will also be covered by an SSL Certificate making your website secure and improving google ratings.


Thendara Logo

Latest WordPress Website Design April 2020

Huge thanks to Kevin at Arunset-Design for realising our vision. we are thrilled with it, and will enjoy adding further new content in the future. It’s been a big undertaking, your skill & patience knows no bounds!

Old Dreamweaver Design February 2013

“From redesigning our original website some years ago, Kevin has produced us an eye catching, easy to navigate site that receives many compliments. The webmaster service Kevin provides is first class, updates are made fast and time relevant.  Kevin is helpful and very patient in making sure our ideas are transformed with professionalism.  We have no hesitation in recommending ‘Arunset-Design Websites’ “


Dee Milligan Bott





Kevin has redesigned four websites with which I am involved as each site has needed to be updated at different times for various reasons. Not only does he listen to what is required, accepting my lack of IT knowledge, he makes suggestions for additional improvements. He’s very easy to talk to and I have found he always goes that extra mile.  As you would expect he is up-to-date with responsive sites which can be accessed easily on laptops, tablets and phones.

SEISC Jan 2019 Open Show Comment: – 

“Just to let you know Kevin that we had a KC Field Officer at the show today and almost the first thing he did was to complement our website.  I didn’t even know Field officers looked at them, but he explained it gives him a feeling for a club.  He also said it was attractive, easy to navigate and he loved the pictures and it is also up to date!!”

Meg Webb




So, pleased I chose Arunset-Designs to create the new website for my dogs and member-based pedigree database. From the beginning, Kevin went out of his way to produce exactly what I asked for, producing a fabulous professionally designed website. But in addition to this he went above and beyond his remit, constantly suggesting ideas that would make the site more efficient and user friendly. He kept me informed every step of the way, ensuring that I understood everything.

I was very impressed that he didn’t just look at this project as a web designer, but was also careful to see it from my viewpoint and that of the website user.

The finished site is easy to navigate and very user friendly. It was a pleasure working with him, I would be extremely happy to recommend him to others.

Michelle Webster


Arunset Designs produced a very professional website for my business, user friendly and easy to navigate, far better than I could have envisaged.

He approached the project with enthusiasm, treating it as if it were his own, rather than just for a client. His attention to detail was second to none, as was his diligence in sorting out all the problems we hit along the way. Nothing was too much trouble. He was particularly good at including programs that make the site run more smoothly and make my life easier. He quite literally thought about this project from every angle, he didn’t just produce what I asked for, he also suggested and included things that I hadn’t considered, producing a far superior end product to anything I could have imagined.

Having worked with other website designers, I can honestly say that he was by far and away the best one I have worked with.

Michelle Webster


Having to set up and manage our web site was a good decision and saves the committee so much time. Prompt responses to any extra work and money well spent. We are very happy with the service given.



Linda Harris


“Kevin (Arunset-Design) developed the web site for Northern English Setter Society (NESS) and has been the web-master for over 10 years. Kevin is always willing to help with new ideas and is always very responsive with any updates / new information. Weather it’s for a large organisation or small home requirement we would happily recommend Kevin for website design / maintenance. Steve Collier – Chairman of NESS”

Steve Collier